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On 09/07/01 in calgary, ab i saw the most amazing show i ever did hear in my life. The live versions are amazing. i am a bit embarassed to say this but when they played st lawrence river, it brought me to tears, good god, i never ever cried when i was 14 and thought moist was my world. The show was just amazing, they did a unplanned second oncore, where kevin and jeff and dave just came out and played gasoline. it was wonderful. if you have a chance to check a show out, please do, you wont regret it. the atmosphere at this calgary show was relaxed, no one was pushing and what not, they all just seemed to take in the music. Im to old for those mosh pits w/ girls ready to scratch your eyes out. They played ressurection, into everything for moist songs. it was great, but god damn st lawrence river is a beautiful song on cd, but live its somehting else. k id rant about the shows more, but go see one, so you know what im saying. i saw lots of ppl with cameras, so it you have any shots please send em into
TOUR DATES FOLKS!! *jumps and clicks heels*added bio and tab section!i have been listening to the album for 3 days now, and it keeps on growing on me,  i still think "joy in small places" with snow is just amazing, snows vocals totally elevate the song. i think this album was a fairly big departure from little songs and moist. i expected a same ol album, which we all love, but i love how many talented and diverse people were involved in the writing and producing process, and i love how the mosit boys all played/wrote and or prduced on the album and it didnt come out like a moist album. so far my favorite song isnt writtien by david at all its "fast car" that is one amazing song and barnev has an angels voice and killer lyrics by tracy chapman, its a breathe taking song. anways if your reading this and you havent been a fan of the previously released albums david has done, i urge you to pick up this album, and i think you will think its as refreshing as i do. as well as davidusher.ca has  exclusive images, clips and what for the unholy dirty and beautiful street team.
Alright so the new album "Morning Orbit" was out today. if youve seen this page b4 you will have noticed the face lift to this page. for the new refreshing album i did a new design. i hope its a tad easier to load than my previous page, i also added some new images, and the new lyrics.. i am totally enjoying the new album, its so different, none of the songs really jumped out at me, which is good, cause what happens with records these days they are catchy then they are over played and you get sick of them, i dunno maybe im just a geek and like to grow to really love an album. i really enjoy "my way out", "fast car" and "joy in small places" with snow. it was also oh so amazing to see all the mosit boys contributed  to the record and paul wilcox even played the drums, so that was exciting to read ont he liner notes as well as other talented ppl. but "alone in the universe" davids first single off "morning orbit" is picking up pace on the muchmusic countdown so be sure to request it to keep it rising at ondemand @ muchmusic.com. there is also a hidden track titled "black black heart" co produced with jeff martin. as well as some tour dates are going on and a big tours coming up later this fall,as well as the first 35,000 copies of morning orbit include inside a fre
i added more photos, one pix of dave from 94!!. i am living in vancouver for a few months so i wont have alot of stuff up till i move back to home and have access to my comp. i added some more photos today. anyhoo david is currently playing 3 shows in july so check the tourdates. He plays on Canada day, then for the whiteribbon benifit concert, which is men working to end mens violence against women. for more info go to www.whiteribbon.com  Then he is playing another show with MGB. His second solo record is titled "Morning Orbit" its set to be released july 24.01. l cant wait!! His first single off the album is "alone in the universe". The music video is out and it is being aired on muchmusic. request the video  at  ondemand@muchmusic.com