Song: St. Lawrence River
Band: David Usher
Tabbed by: Chris Marks <>

Cmaj7 032000
C9    032030
Em    022000
Em7   022030
Am    002210
C     032010
G     320003 (320033 if you prefer)
D     x00232

This song has a recurring riff that breaks the vocals.  Here it is:
(each character is the same length if you're reading in notepad or browser)

                                 (these are hammer-ons)
                                  /     /     /


And now the song (this IS how it sounds):

Intro: riff

Smells in the air,
C9                          Cmaj7                            C9
See there it's crashing the final impression that stains the paper
Where the words felt like water,
   Em7                       Em
Unearth all the changes that never did matter,
  Em7                     riff (w/ same chords but quiet in background)
I think it's beginning to freeze here

after riff:
Cmaj7                      C9
Caught in the rage and the fire of things,
        Cmaj7                         C9
All the brightness that burns me, I'm fumbling through like a
Em                           Em7
Child in the dark, when the nakedness   comes,
       Em                         Em7
I am shocked by the colour, the glorious weight of your

Chorus (first word of chorus is the end of the previous sentance):
Comes alive
       G                  D               Am
And I never thought we'd make it back so soon
Might be nice
        G                 D
But I knew you'd be your own destroyer
Am           C
    Comes a time
       G                   D                 riff with chords
When I always thought I'd make it up to... you

Verse 2: (after end of riff)
Here please forgive me,
      C9                     Cmaj7                 C9
how could we escape all the bitterness piled upon bitterness?
(pickup)     Em                        Em7
Held in the face of the things that I don't understand
      Em          Em7                  Cmaj7
Intellectualize,  over and over this helplessness suits us,
      C9                    Cmaj7                    C9
It's funny how quiet has slipped to our corners and worn all our edges
  Em                     Em7
Away you are watching, breathing and baiting,
Em                       Em7
Wanting and warming and cautiously waiting
      Cmaj7                  C9
For some simple signal, to creep 'cross our conscience,
   Cmaj7               C9
Uncover redemption and oh did I mention I
Em                       Em7
Carried you down, to the St. Lawrence River,
     Em                       Em7                    Cmaj7         C9
The banks running dirty, the water is beginning to freeze here,
          Cmaj7     C9
Solid by morning,
            Em          Em7
And I'll freeze here,
              Em      Em7
Be winter by mornaaaayaayaaiang

Chorus 2:
Am              C
        Comes alive
       G                   D              Am
And I never thought you'd get me back so soon
Might be nice
         G       D
But it's only my own destroyer
Am           C
    Comes a time
       G                D                 riff with chords
When I always knew I'd make it up to... you

Verse 3, more quiet: (After riff)
Cmaj7                       C9
I saw on your face, such a curious   grin,
      Cmaj7                  C9
As I let go your hand I was desparate to hold you
  Em                            Em7
Again, but you're sinking, too deep in the water,
     Em                   Em7
Outsmarted myself, and so easily gave up what I

(insert riff here)
Cmaj7      C9
          Cmaj7      C9
Solid by morning,
        Em       Em7
What I wanted,
              Em      Em7
Be winter by mornaaaayaayaaiang

Chorus 3:
Am           C
     Comes alive
       G                   D             Am
And I never thought you'd make it up so soon
Might be nice
      G                   D
But I always knew you're my destroyer
Am           C
    Comes a time
       G                   D                 riff with chords
When I always thought I'd make it up to... you

Outro (after riff):
Cmaj7   C9             Cmaj7      C9
             Solid by morning
           Em              Em7
And I'll freeze here...                                let ring
              Em            riff 2-> E|0--0--0--0--0-----------|
Be winter by morning...              B|-3--3--3--3--3----------|

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