Good news all my pix turned out babee, so yes i am a happy camper and i take back the last coment about me being a moron. These 22 pix are to be found in there own section in da pictures section. Alright yall, just came back from the Moist show in Calgary Dec/4/99, can we say kick ass, it was a special day for me it was my 10th moist show,go to the new section for me review, pix from the show will be posted shortly, i being the moron!! exposed some of the film so i am slightly purtubed, oh wells got atleast 15 good ones.Some new pix found in Misc section.80+ NEW PIX POSTED PPL, i have created different sections for my live photos, there is something new in each photo section except for the cd's so check it out!Lets see posted more tour dates also 70+ old and new live pix of moist dating from 96-99 coming your way once i have the time to upload everything ladys and gents, thanx to pregs,sasha,and michelle for these wonderful pix:)EVEN MORE NEW AWESOME  PIX FROM CALGARY EDGE THANX TO CAIT !!!!!! LEXYS AMAZING SHOTS AS WELL AS LYNZ'S FROM VAN EDGE AND A&B INSTORE!!!!
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